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KFM A460 Interceptor Cylinder Head

The Interceptor is a high-flowing port option for the Trick Flow A460 racer. The enlarged intake runner has a unique angle to closely match the angle of the intake valve for optimized flow. The CNC programs for the intake port, exhaust port and combustion chamber are designed to achieve performance exceeding the normal limitations of the Trick Flow A460 without welding or valve relocation. 

​CNC machining is performed on Centroid 5-axis and Cincinnati Milacron 4-axis equipment.

Valve seat and guide installation and machining are performed, using Sunnen equipment.

Basic Package

  • Trick Flow 18-bolt castings
  • KFM Interceptor CNC machining of intake and exhaust ports
  • Installation of stainless steel tubing in any head bolt holes exposed to exhaust port
  • Optimization of oil drain back channels
  • Installation of valve guides
  • Installation of beryllium/copper intake and exhaust valve seats for 2.50” intake and 1.82” exhaust valves
  • Machining of seats and hand blending to port and chamber
  • Hand finishing of port entrance as required
  • Valve job and additional blending as required
  • Flow bench validation of ports and chamber
  • Combustion chamber volume test and deck surface machining

Price – $5488.00

Assembled Package

  • The entire Basic Package plus:
  • Ferrea or Victory titanium intake and exhaust valves
  • Valve spring seats – ID locators
  • Manley titanium retainers
  • Manley 10 degree bead type valve locks
  • Viton positive type valve seals
  • PSI 1249 valve springs
  • Final assembly

Total Assembled Price - $8690.00

Flow Results @ 28” on 4.650 bore and exhaust with 2 ¼” pipe
           Intake CFM         Exhaust CFM
.200”      151                         113        
.300”      235                         164
.400”      319                         221
.500”      393                         278
.600”      435                         314
.700”      462                         342        
.800”      490                         358
.900”      510                         365
1.00”      528                         366
1.100”    535                         368

Interceptor heads are available at Engine Systems Racing Engines.

Call Ted Fischer at 770-491-0583 for details.

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