Racing  Component  and  Technology  Development

Speed and Performance Industry

Racing Engine Development:

Custom racing engines can be tailored to a wide variety of applications. Combined with the vast resources of Engine Systems Incorporated, Keith's 40 years of experience in the speed and performance world can help in finding that winning combination of durability and horsepower.

Drag Racing Technologies:

Keith Fulp Motorsports has developed propriety strategies for drag racing in Index Classes for vehicles equipped with mechanical fuel injection. Using methanol as fuel and a Ron's Flying Toilet fuel injection system, our technologies can provide ET reduction for cars that are too fast for a specific Index Class.

Transportation Industry

Keith's career at the world's finest transportation company provided a diverse range of experiences. His 31-year tour included jobs such as Fleet Mechanic, Fleet Supervisor, Fleet Manager, District Automotive Manager and Corporate Automotive Engineering and Maintenance Manager. 

Now retired from those duties, Keith's experience can be used to assist fleets, component manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers in quality and process improvements. Coupled with the marketing resources of our Motorsports program, the KFM team is well prepared to assist with special projects in sales, engineering and product development.

Professional Services