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American made, all stainless steel t-bolt clamps, aircraft grade stainless steel cable and custom, precision laser cut stainless steel connector plates will give the Kollector Keeper system good appearance regardless of the application. 

All sizes of primary tube and collector diameters are accommodated by our custom order process. Three standard length cable assemblies, 10”, 16” and 21” will be kept on the shelf, but custom length cables are no problem and no extra cost.

Price - $95 plus shipping - regardless of cable length or clamp size combination.
All major credit cards are accepted. Multiple car discounts are available.

Order Process:

 - Determine clamp sizes and cable length

Using a caliper or gauge, measure the outside diameter of the primary header tube in front of the collector area. Also measure the diameter of the collector outlet tube behind the transition area, where the collector becomes round. Merge type collectors should be measured at the smallest portion of the merge transition. Record these diameters for the order.

Select a primary tube for the planned installation. The tube must have 3/8" to 1/2” of radial clearance, allowing the end of the clamp to be placed around the tube. This point can be high on the tube, where more space is available. The clamp will then be slid down and in to position for final tether installation. Mark that point on the primary tube. Mark a point on the collector for the desired clamp position. On Merge type collectors, this will normally be at the smallest point of the merge diameter. Measure between the 2 selected points. That will be your cable length for ordering.

Call Keith at 678-458-2033 to place the order.  This personal touch will assure that you get the correct parts the first time.  Calls are welcomed any time, but our shop is located in the Eastern time zone.


The Keith Fulp Motorsports (KFM)  Kollector Keeper system has been designed to provide quality components, fit the application and meet the approval of NHRA. However, due to the application, no warranty is expressed or implied. KFM is not responsible for any damage to vehicles or components, injuries or loss caused by the use of this product. The final installation and maintenance is the responsibility of the car owner and/or racer.

If you are not in agreement with these conditions, do not purchase or install the product.

NHRA Rule Reference

From the NHRA Rule Book on


“Effective Jan. 1, 2014, removable multi-piece exhaust collectors/stacks must be securely fastened with an NHRA accepted header tether to prevent loss of collector/stacks during competition. A current list of NHRA-accepted header tethers is available on” 

This amendment regarding welding each primary tube to the collector can be found on

“A rule amendment will be made to the 2014 rule book to allow either an NHRA accepted tethering system or a minimum ½” (half inch) stitch weld located on each primary tube.”

All Kollector Keeper kits include: (2) Collector clamp assemblies, (2) Primary clamp assemblies, (2) Cable assemblies and one package of Loctite C5-A Anti-Seize lubricant. 

The KFM Kollector Keeper system is an NHRA accepted product, designed to provide secondary retention of header collector components in the event of broken retaining tabs or hardware.

Header Tethers